20445 Prospect Rd,
Suite 7
San Jose,
CA 95129

Tel: 408-252-8889
Ours Services
Dental office of Dr. Liu and Dr. Hu is a complete family dental clinic located in
San Jose (near Cupertino and Saratoga), CA.  

Dr. Liu and Dr. Hu offer a wide range of dental treatments in the following

Diagnostic:  comprehensive / periodic oral evaluation, intraoral-
       periapical / bitwing /full mouth x-ray
Preventive:  teeth cleaning, sealants

Restorative: cavities filling (Amalgam / Resin composite), crown, bridge,
       implant, partial /complete denture

Cosmetic:  teeth whitening, veneer

Endodontics: root canal therapy

Periodontics: scaling & root planing (deep cleaning), crown lengthening

Pedodontics:  teeth cleaning (with fluoride), sealants, fillings and other
          restorative treatments

Orthodontics: space maintainer, removable orthodontic appliance,
full mouth orthodontic treatment and Invisalign
Dai-Chen Liu, D.D.S. &
    Fei-Ya Hu, D.D.S., M.S.